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Anaria - I see fire (cover)

Wardruna - Helvegen

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Land Of Snow and Sorrow | Wintersun

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PelleK - The Rains of Castamere

*whispers* norwegians

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If you ever wanted a metal version of Scarborough Fair, here it is.

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Timo Rautiainen, Ismo Alanko, Toni Wirtanen ja Jarkko Martikainen - Tiernapojat

christmasing intensifies

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Ivan, you are truely my champion!!!

He needs to sing more Queen. Period.

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Ivan Ozhogin - Just A Gigolo

Is it just me or is his English getting better?

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Some cheery Finnish Christmas charols! 


As requested, here is some lovely and cheery Finnish christmas charols with traditional and heavy metal versions. Some of these are from pikkulaku’s list:

Varpunen jouluaamuna” (Sparrow on a Christmas Morning)

Tells a story of a girl and her dead little brother. The brother has died of famine, but visits the girl on Christmas morning in a shape of a sparrow. “The morsel of food you offered brought me from the land on angels.

Traditional version / Metal version by Marco Hietala

"Sylvian joululaulu" (Christmas Song for Sylvia)

A poet is in Mediterrian countryside on Christmas, where everything is in bloom and trees are lush. He misses FInland, and expresses his longing by singing about a bird in a cage, who stops singing and finally dies.

Traditional version / Metal version by Antony Parviainen

"Hei tonttu-ukot hyppikää" (Jump, Christmas Elves)

Don’t let the happy jumping fool you. The song reminds us, that “life is short, and it’s mostly dark and gloomy”.

Traditional version (beginning of the song) / Metal version by Ajattara

"Tonttu ei vaan saa unta" (The Elf Can’t Sleep)

Incredibly long and sorrowful song about House Elf, who can’t sleep but wonders about his farm, checking on the people and livestock.

Traditional version / Metal version by J-P Leppäluoto

"Me käymme joulun viettohon" (We are celebrating Christmas)

Song about how we are celebrating the Christmas, eating well and giving each other plenty of presents. In the same time the heavenly child is empty handed and forgotten and, depending how you understand the song, lost or suffocated by the snow. 

Traditional version / Metal version by Tony Kakko

"Konsta Jylhän joululaulu" (Konsta Jylhä’s Christmas charol)

A song about a young boy who walks alone in the cemetary to lay a candle to his mother’s grave. The boy wonders if he’ll be ever able to celebrate Christmas with laughter like others do as his home feels like it’s not blessed at all. He hears a voice of the child of the Christmas who takes him back in time to witness the first Christmas ever. 

Traditional version / Metal version by J-P Leppäluoto

Merry Christmas!

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